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Natural egg dyes, simplified

March 28, 2014

The web is awash in tutorials for homemade natural dyes, one more elaborate than the next, with detailed instructions and fancy techniques and killer photography. And kudos to all those kitchen-crafty people who make things so darn pretty. But here’s what we do, egg dyeing at its simplest (with recipes inspired by my friend Kris Bordessa of Attainable […]

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Have you ever listened to yourself talk?

March 25, 2014

The day after the Super Bowl, I was in a class at the gym, surrounded by fit, healthy women of all shapes and ages. This class kicks our butts every week. It challenges us, makes us feel strong. It’s exhilarating. Except, that day, this happened: As we were gathering equipment and then warming up, the instructor […]

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Teaching your kids about food will not cause eating disorders

May 17, 2013

There’s a dangerous thread running through the national conversation about kids and food, and it is this: If you talk to your kids about food, if you teach them to understand ingredients and to actually think about what they eat — and, heaven forbid, you actually limit junk food — you are setting them up for, at best, rebellion-fueled binges, or, at […]

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Power of the pen: Let’s rock this food-dyes petition from 100 Days of Real Food and Food Babe

March 5, 2013

I’ve written at length about the travesty of artificial food dyes (in short: all risk, no benefit). And about how U.S. food manufacturers have substituted better ingredients overseas while still using artificial, non-nutritive and even dangerous ingredients here. Why have they cleaned up their act elsewhere? Because of public pressure, government support and something called the precautionary principle: the idea that if something could harm the public […]

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You are in charge. Never forget that.

November 21, 2012

I’m guessing kids everywhere did assignments like this the week before Thanksgiving. And we think this one is a keeper. “Family” is a given (one hopes). “Universe,” “technology” and “math” stoked my science-geek husband and also really cracked us up. But do you see that other word in there? “Me.” Our kid is thankful for herself. At […]

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A Halloween PSA

October 31, 2012

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October Unprocessed guest post (on candy, natch)

October 28, 2012

Just in time for Halloween, I’m guest-posting over at Eating Rules as part of October Unprocessed, a month dedicated to celebrating and learning about real food. Eating Rules blogger Andrew Wilder (motto: “healthy eating doesn’t have to suck”) started October Unprocessed in 2010 with 415 people pledging to skip processed food for a month. This […]

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It’s OK. Limiting candy won’t ruin childhood.

September 27, 2012

My almost 9-year-old trick-or-treats. She roams the neighborhood with friends. She collects candy. She eats a couple pieces. But after the fun is done, we have another Halloween tradition: Divide and conquer. Anything with artificial colors, fake sweeteners, trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup and chemical preservatives gets tossed. Right in the garbage. What’s left (and […]

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Zen and the art of blog maintenance

July 18, 2012

A note for all of you (readers, that is): I’ve been woefully absent from the blog for a long time, and I appreciate all the e-mails asking after my well-being (and also asking when-the-hell-are-you-going-to-start-blogging-again?!). This hiatus began as we ramped up for our big move (and downsizing) from house to loft, and it’s extended to post-move for the […]

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Natural egg dyes, simplified

March 28, 2012

We’re moving soon after Easter, so I haven’t exactly been looking forward to making from-scratch egg dyes this year. It’s not hard. It’s not even time-consuming. But when your house is turned upside down and you’re purging most of what you own, well, who needs one more thing to do, you know? So you’ll understand […]

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