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Kids are cute and funny and they smell like rainbows. I get that. But they’re also smart. Scary smart. Smart enough to understand how food choices affect their bodies and the environment. It’s not enough to feed our kids real, healthful food. We need to teach them why we’re doing it. Children need tools to make good choices even after we stop filling their plates. And they need parents and other advocates to speak out against a prevailing but deeply flawed food culture that spoonfeeds kids and hopes we won’t notice.

I’m convinced that food is a fundamental issue of our time, radically affecting children’s health, behavior and well-being, and, frankly, the continued existence of the planet. This blog is my attempt to further the conversation. I share my personal experiences raising my young daughter, as well as ideas, tools and resources. I also report on related news, research and issues. I hope you’ll join the discussion.

About me

My name is Christina Le Beau, and I’m a longtime journalist who worked for newspapers for 10 years before going solo as a freelance writer. In my reporter days, I covered business and health care, honing a research obsession, geekworthy interest in details and low tolerance for bull. As a freelancer, I still cover business, particularly eco and activist entrepreneurs. Other favorite topics: food literacy, food advocacy, food politics, sustainable agriculture, progressive education, road-tripping and road-schooling, and living smaller and slower.

Some of the places my work has appeared: American Gardener, BusinessWeek, Crain’s Chicago Business, Edible Finger Lakes, Entrepreneur, Kiwi, Metropolis, New York Organic News (NOFA-NY), New York Times, Parade, Preservation, Rochester Magazine, Salon, the Smart Set, Upstate Gardeners’ Journal, Vegetarian Times, Wall Street Journal and Working Mother.

I live in Rochester, in the Finger Lakes region of New York, where I’m active in the sustainable-food community, including serving on the advisory board of the South Wedge Farmers Market.

For more insight into who I am and why I blog, check out this Q & A with our regional parenting magazine.

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