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October Unprocessed guest post (on candy, natch)

Just in time for Halloween, I’m guest-posting over at Eating Rules as part of October Unprocessed, a month dedicated to celebrating and learning about real food. Eating Rules blogger Andrew Wilder (motto: “healthy eating doesn’t have to suck”) started October Unprocessed in 2010 with 415 people pledging to skip processed food for a month. This year he got more than 6,000 people to climb on board.

With only a few days left in October, the challenge is winding down, but Eating Rules’ Official Guide to October Unprocessed is a goldmine of information on ingredients and whole-foods thinking. Definitely worth a read.

And what am I guest-posting about? Halloween candy, of course. It’s a slightly edited version of this Spoonfed post, so a lot of you already have seen it. But please share with anyone who hasn’t. And check out the other guest posts from the month, too. You’ll find everything from recipes to advocacy.

Spoonfed is on Facebook. You’ll find links to blog posts, news and commentary on raising food-literate kids, questions and comments from readers, voices, viewpoints, the works. Stop by, like the page, chime in, spread the word. (Thanks.)

An additional note about Facebook: As much as I love the immediacy and real-time interaction Facebook offers, there’s no guarantee with Facebook’s new algorithms that all my posts will show in your news feed. (Not to be presumptuous or anything, but I assume that if you “liked” the Spoonfed Facebook page, you did so because you actually want to see what I post.) Checking the Facebook page regularly helps, as does liking, commenting on and sharing Facebook posts. But the only way to be sure you see Spoonfed blog posts is to subscribe by e-mail or RSS feed (which you can do at the top of the blog). Thanks, all.

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