Leftover Halloween candy? Think outside the box.

by Christina on November 7, 2014

gingerbread7Everyone has an opinion on Halloween candy. (Me included.) But no matter where you fall on the spectrum of balance to binge, let’s all agree that the candy can get old, fast. And that’s when it pays to get creative.

Check out my latest post as a Parade contributor, where I talk gingerbread bling (and share lots of pictures):  Leftover Halloween Candy? Make a Kicking Gingerbread House.

For another fun way to use all that candy without eating it, check this other Parade post I wrote last Easter (swap “Halloween” for “Easter,” and you’re good to go): Too Many Treats? 7 Fun Kids’ Experiments With Leftover Easter Candy.

One of my goals with the Parade gig is to bring issues we talk about here to a wider audience. So if you know someone who could benefit from thinking outside the box about kids and sweets, please spread the word.

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